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About Us

IndiaGoverns Research Institute aims to make development data matter in two ways:

  • make the development discourse between elected representatives and citizens better informed and backed by specific data, rather than only relying on perceptions; and
  • enable citizen groups and elected representatives to use such government data to strengthen their demands for greater government intervention on development issues relevant to them.

There are several sources of data in the public domain such as National Sample Survey, National Health and Family Survey, etc. But these sources collect data once in a few years and not annually. Most of these sources are 'sample' surveys (except census data), making it difficult to organise the data along individual electoral constituencies.

Government collects data on development along administrative blocks. The boundaries of administrative blocks don't coincide with those of electoral constituencies. The aggregated data appears in the respective ministry's annual report, but the disaggregated data remains in government files at various locations.

What we do

There are two core tasks to make development data matter.

One is analytical in nature: Organise development data along electoral constituencies (rather than along administrative districts, which is the current practice in government); this renders the data comparable across neighbouring constituencies and induces a sense of competition for making claims about development.

The second core task is to disseminate this information to citizens and politicians in an easy to understand manner. IndiaGoverns will use a combination of traditional methods of reaching out to citizens such as community meetings, using local media and new technologies such as internet, SMS, to engage with large numbers of people interested in these issues.

Core Team

Veena Ramanna holds a Masters in Mathematics from IIT Bombay. She has over 10 years of experience in the Information Technology sector in India and abroad. She has been working on a range of issues pertaining to governance and has worked on a report on citizen satisfaction with the hearings of the Central Information Commission. Veena was awarded the prestigious Echoing Green Fellowship in 2009 to set up IndiaGoverns Research Institute.

Vikas Argod holds a Masters in Engineering and High Performance Computing from Pennsylvania State University - University Park. He currently works as a consultant in a data analytics company in Atlanta, US, where he primarily works on supply chain projects. Vikas has been leading the big-data analytics effort at IndiaGoverns since early 2010.

Vinuth M. Madinur has been one of the architects and brain behind creating the web presence for IndiaGoverns. He holds a Bachelors degree in Information Technology from National Institute of Technology Karnataka, Surathkal. He works as an independent software engineer with experience in designing highly scalable web and IVR systems.

Roopesh Shenoy holds a Bachelors degree from National Institute of Technology Karnataka, Surathkal. He is a .NET Developer and Partner at Vagsons Technologies and an editor at InfoQ. Most of his recent work is about use of technology in the Education sector. He has developed and maintains the tool to produce MLA Constituency reports at IndiaGoverns.


Prof. Vinod Vyasulu is Chairman of the Board of IndiaGoverns. Prior to this he headed the Centre for Budget and Policy Studies. Prof. Vyasulu has taught at IIM Bangalore, and was RBI Chair Professor of Development at ISEC Bangalore. He was Director of IPE Hyderabad before starting the Development Research Foundation at TIDE Bangalore in 1995. He has consulted with UNDP, the World Bank and other agencies in a number of developmental projects. He has also consulted with a number of state governments and is currently Research Advisor at Indian Institute of Human Settlements, Bangalore.

Mitesh Thakkar is Founder and CEO of RanResearch. Prior to this, Mitesh has worked in several parts of the world on development assignments. He has worked with the World Bank in Washington DC. Mitesh holds a Masters in Education degree from Harvard University and an MBA from INSEAD in France.